A Brief History of Slots

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A Brief History of Slots

When the creator of the slot machine, Charles Fey, invented the game, he knew that he
was onto something. The game of slots has become quite popular across all of America
and has since been copied and played all throughout the world.

The game of slots has evolved quite a lot through the years and in this article, I will talk
about its colorful history and why it has prevailed from a typical slot machine you can
find in a gambling institution to one that you can play at any time in an online casino.

Its Humble Beginnings

The very first slot machine was built using a cast iron and the iconic three spinning reels
are quite evident. The first depictions showcase the symbols that you can find on a deck
of cards. This means that you get any three of the same symbols (spades, hearts, etc.)
and there will be a prize waiting for you.

But, when did the slot machine have fruits instead of card symbols? Well, you can
attribute that to the fraught relationship of America with gambling.

The government was not keen on people gambling money for cigars and booze so there
were some people that thought of making certain tweaks that would allow the slot
machine to live, albeit the prizes are only fruits like apples and oranges. Who could
resist that?

The Electronic Age

As time went by, the slot machine still retained its original look and feel but its internals
has changed in favor of using the random number generator. This paved the way for the
slot machine to evolve in such a way where different configurations make it quite fun to play.

There was this notion where you can dupe the system and allow you to win the game
just by counting the number of times you have played the game. But, with the random
number generator, this concept no longer takes effect as every game and every reel
would come out with a random result each and every time.

This allowed gambling institutions to impose much larger jackpots and some would
even try and create special slot machines that have more than 3 reels to help make the
game even more exciting.

The Digital Age

When people wanted to play the game of slots, they would have to be physically
present in an actual casino for them to play it. That is no longer the case since the slot
machine has turned digital.

Now, people who want to try their luck in such a game can now play it in the comfort of
their own homes as it is now being offered in online casinos.

Barcrest Games were the pioneers when it comes to the slot machine’s transition to
digital, but it was NetEnt and Microgaming where things really escalated quickly.


From a simple cast iron machine to one that you can play digitally, the slot machine has
truly evolved into one of the most popular games of all time. Who knows, there might be
new and exciting improvements as the years go by.