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4 Things About Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

4 Things About Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Finally after few months stuck in my video games backlog, i got to play, experience and finish Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom last weekend. The game is just simply grand, wonderful, and masterful which will keep you excited and entertain hours on end, especially the kingdom building. If you planning to cover almost all of its content it will take at least 60 to 100 hours, but if you planning to speed run through the game (main quest line) it will only take around 35 hours to reach the final and last chapter of the game.

The style of your characters will change from normal to chibi-style 3D sprite, just like all the classic jrpg from few years back. Though when you encountered a monster at world map, the battle will happen in a different space and your character will be reverted back to their normal form and style but a skirmish (real time strategy battle) will see your characters in their chibi form since skirmishes take place at the world map.


But believe me, the game’s side quests will temp and hook you into doing the side quests because they’re not just simply “go and fetch” or “kill it” side quests because some of it have touching and heart-warming stories like this one quest where a girl will ask for you help to find and feed her pet dragon, and its ending got my eyes all watery. Plus, if you want to further upgrade the kingdom you’ll be needing to find all of the citizens and i’d more than half of the side quests are related to that.


Party Combat

As for the game combat system, was developed by Level-5 (Rogue Galaxy, Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, Dragon Quest VII, White Knight Chronicle II) made transitions from semi-turn base battle system to fully real time action combat system. In combat the party will consist 3 characters, whom you can switch and take control of at any time during battle, and fights using melee attacks (heavy and light), range (rapid and charged) as well as spells and characters special abilities—to those had played Rogue Galaxy, also developed by Level-5, will find the combat system and gameplay very similar to that of Rogue Galaxy. Nothing complicated with the combat, it is rather easy and breezy but if you’re looking for a more challenging combat experience then you can head to the game setting and change the game’s difficulty level, you can do this at any time and point of the game.

If you’d like to see some flashy magics then you should upgrade the Spellwork facility in the kingdom, so that you’ll have access to more powerful and flashy magical actions.



That won’t be the only type of combat gameplay you’ll be experiencing in Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom, there is another type of combat; skirmish. If you are familiar with the Suikoden series by Konami, then you should be able to quickly learn it. During skirmishes, Evan will be surrounded by four different types of unit, each has their own weaknesses and strength (sounds super familiar?) and have their own unique ability. Skirmishes take place on the world map where Evan and the gang will get turned into chibi-style 3D sprite. Unlike in Suikoden series where the skirmishes have phases or turns, skirmishes happen real time in Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom so you have to think quick else you’ll be overwhelm by the enemy forces.


Story Settings

The events in Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom are set about hundred of years after the first Ni No Kuni, and you will kick things off in Ding Dong Dell, a kingdom resided by the Grimalkin and Mousekin—two races that have been at animosity since forever. Things go haywire when the kingdom trusted adviser decided to carry out a coup and dethrone House Tildrum heir to the throne, Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum. Whom later saved by Roland Crane,  a president of an unnamed nation in Earth when he was teleported and appeared mysteriously in Evan’s chamber.

The mood and settings of the game’s story are rather light-hearted yet subtly riddled with serious and mature issues, something for us to ponder on. For example, racial tension and oppression between the Grimalkin and Mousekin, it mirrors much of today’s world current state—anyway, my point is that there is a choke full of values we can learn and take example of from it.

Music Scores

Truly, the music scores in this game will take you back to the good old days of Playstation One era (if you as old as me), especially once you able to access and use the airship, the music playing when you boarded the airship will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. The music composer for this game is none other, Joe Hisaishi, the very same composer worked music scores for Studio Ghibli anime; Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, Princess Mononoke, and Porco Rosso (just to name a few, there many others).


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