Stem Cell

Regenerating The Damaged Teeth in Mice

Regenerating The Damaged Teeth in Mice

Stem Cells: Regenerating The Damaged Teeth in Mice

One of these days, people are not stopping to discover something new, something valuable, or something that can be used as benefits for everyone.

Last January 2017, one of the studies is published that the stem cells are now improving medications can effectively elevate teeth to fix themselves in mice. At the point, when loses dentin in their teeth and the stems cells somewhere down can help to regrow the lost tissue. This component is just ready to fix the little cavities and even the cracks. In any case, it help to enhance this procedure.

They led the study and research more about on mice. Later on, the treatment itself  helped the mice to regrow lost dentin in their teeth. The specialists are currently trying the treatment can scale up to rodent teeth and for the human teeth.

This will truly work with ideally set the phase for the clinical studies soon.


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