The King Of Monsters Is Invading The Cinema Soon

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The King Of Monsters Is Invading The Cinema Soon

Grab your popcorn and drinks, get ready to hide in your bunkers because the King Of Monsters will be back to ravage towns and cities.

Warner Bros just dropped a teaser video and banner for the latest installment and incarnation of Godzilla, The King Of Monsters

Both in the teaser and banner featuring the girl who played mysterious-monster banishing-psychic from Netflix Original Series’ Stranger Things , Millie Bobby Brown, with the expression of terror and distress (wonder what happened to her psychic power). In the teaser dropped by Warner Bros, we can see that Millie Bobby Brown is trying to contact Monarch, a super secret organisation that investigate and does researches on monsters within Godzilla universe via radio and from the other end we can hear the King Of Monsters wrecking havoc.

The teaser ends with Millie Bobby Brown screaming distressfully and “Message received.”, not much to go on about what to expect but enough to make the fans go roaring and excited. But we do know that Millie Bobby Brown will play as Madison, daughter to Dr Emma Russell a scientist working for the Monarch, which will be play Vera Farmiga and this pair kidnapped. Oh yeah! Forgot to mention this, in this King Of Monsters movie, we will not only see our all time favourite mutated giant lizard, but three other legendary monsters; King Ghidorah the three headed monster, Mothra the giant moth and Rodan a monster from original Japanese movies that can invoke hurricane, bet that excites my fellow monster fans, eh?