2021’s Top 5 Web Design Trends

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2021’s Top 5 Web Design Trends

Many Malaysian web design firms are already brainstorming web design ideas and trends for the coming year increasingly attempting to replicate reality. For internet users, including your clients and their target audience, websites have become a part of everyday life. As a result, improve your agency’s website, as well as your clients’, according to these latest website design trends to breathe new life into your digital workspace.

Here are the three most promising and modern website design trends that you should use to capture your clients’ hearts.

1. Asymmetric Layouts

The layout of a website is the structural arrangement of visual elements used to provide information to users that is engaging. In recent years, there has been a shift away from symmetrical interfaces, which are now considered uninteresting and predictable. The stable and harmonious quality of symmetrical arrangements is seldom overlooked. Asymmetrical layouts, on the other hand, are more likely to have a more dynamic and intriguing influence on visitors, allowing you to stand out more.

Asymmetrical layouts aid in the creation of a unique and memorable website experience for visitors. Rather of geometric patterns and straight lines, 2021 is all about organic or fluid shapes. This is due to the fact that web designers appear to be more prone to fusing the digital realm with everyday actual life experiences. And, just as tree branches, slopes, and river margins have their own asymmetrical aesthetics, so can web design trends. Organic and fluid shapes, rather than lines or angles, are used to separate the parts and folds of a website. These shapes can also be used in the background of your homepage to provide a smooth user experience while also piqueing your visitors’ curiosity.

If you truly want to employ lines in your design, try Slice of Machine Learning‘s combination of lines and organic shapes. Are you concerned that these designs may overwhelm your clients? Using a wireframe, determine the importance of each visual element in the layout. Before you create an asymmetrical website layout, experiment with the colour, size, and movement of those visual elements.

Website development layout sketch drawing

2. Retro Fonts

Colours and fonts inspired by the past have a long shelf life. Retro fonts are used in a wide variety of ways, with a wide range of styles and aesthetics. Retro fonts can liven up any website’s layout, from trite and trope to bold and gorgeous. Make use of a variety of font styles and sizes. Visual designs that overlap, floating components, larger typography, and layers Experiment with expressing your ideas in the most open, unrestricted way possible without overwhelming website users. American Scraps, Cuban Council, and New York Moon are fantastic instances of blending contemporary graphics with historic elements to give bold retro fonts a stylish and modern feel.

3. Parallax Scroll Animations

The parallax effect is created by a smooth transition between foreground and background website elements. As visitors read through each component of your website, inspire your clients and their audience with amazing animations.

To entice visitors, parallax animation creates depths in the foreground and backdrop. This web design trend isn’t just for attracting your visitor’s or client’s attention; you can also utilise it to get visitors to take action. Change the colour, shape, or speed of the CTA element to entice users to interact with it using trigger animation.

Play around with moving letters, foreground, and even backdrop on your webpage to make a lasting impact on your clients and visitors. However, avoid becoming overly flashy and instead employ subtle parallax scrolling programmes.