6 Different Business Models Related to eCommerce

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6 Different Business Models Related to eCommerce

Are you thinking of setting up your own ecommerce business? Before providing quality ecommerce solutions in Malaysia, you need to do comprehensive research first. Below is a list of some of the usual business activities based online.

1.Access provider

Access providers ensure smooth access to the internet. Keep in mind that someone needs to pay the access provider in order to gain access to the internet. Those traditional business models, which are similar to access provider businesses, are technical infrastructure operators, from car highways to telephone networks.

2.Search engine

It’s no secret that search engines are few of the most utilized software and platforms online. They provide the first step to several internet-based activities.

3.Online shop

This is a website where you can purchase services and products. Similar business models related to this are factory outlets and direct mail selling.

4.Content provider

Content providers offer content, from music to information. A particular content provider variant is the information broker, the trader of information. The traditional business models in this specific area magazine publishers, newspaper publishes, and radio broadcasting services.

5.Virtual community

Virtual communities are platforms for communication, as well as exchange of experiences. It is very much similar to an association or virtual club.

6.Information broker

This information broker aggregates, collects and provides details. Similar traditional business models include running different tests on cars, computers, restaurants and consumer goods.