7 Tips to Design Top-Ranked Mobile Apps in 2018

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7 Tips to Design Top-Ranked Mobile Apps in 2018

Mobile applications have come a long way. It is a way for users to interact with each other, buy stuff online, or even look at their favorite websites via their smartphones.

That being said, developing best mobile apps that will become popular today and in the future requires thought and action.

The application not only has to install and load up fast, but it also has to be secure. It should be personalized like having the option to change the color scheme, increase font size among others. Furthermore, it pays if it can interact with different social media sites with ease as well.

Those things being said, here are some tips to create a top-ranking mobile app in 2018:

Color Scheme is Important

Believe it or not, the overall color scheme of your application matters a lot. In fact, it can set the mood whenever a user navigates through the app.

You pretty much have the freedom to choose whatever color that you want, but it has to follow some rules:

  1. It has to be attention-grabbing, so bright colors should be used over darker ones.
  2. Incorporating a two-tone design is also a welcome choice.
  3. If you’re going to use bright colors, make the option to choose a dark theme available.

Avoid Clutter as Much as Possible

No one wants to look at a convoluted application. Make sure that whenever a user makes use of your app, it has to be intuitive and interactive as well. Do not put too much graphics on the app as it will eat up a lot of data and it could also potentially increase loading times as well.

Make Use of Icons and Different Fonts

Giving the users the ability to make use of different fonts and icons is a must. Icons allow people to express themselves in different ways.

Also, having the option to switch to different fonts is also a good thing since people may have different preferences regarding the text.

Put Some Animations

An app should be highly-visual in the sense that both the design and its functionality is aesthetically appealing.

If you could incorporate interactive animations when transitioning to the different parts of your application, then it would be great!

Integrate a Well-thought Out Experience

Most app nowadays asks for the user’s location so that it can serve them better. They also come with AI-based bots that can assist them whenever they have queries.

Integrating both features will make your app stand out a cut above the rest. Although it is time-consuming, the rewards will be manifold.

Change the Way People Make Use of the App

To enhance the user-experience, you have to incorporate some things that will “humanize” their interaction with the app.

You can make use of gesture-based actions like having them draw a star instead of looking for the icon from within the application, provide them with a different and vast array of emoticons, and make use of design that will evoke a positive response from them.

Incorporate AR

Do you remember the game Pokemon GO? It is an app that makes use of augmented reality to allow people to capture Pokemon just by going out and finding one.

Smartphones have become quite intelligent in a sense that you can incorporate AR into the app so people can enjoy that feature.

If you can incorporate an AR experience into your app, it will truly enhance the experience of the user.


Giving attention to the interface, functionality, and the design of the application will ensure that your customers will make use of it for a long time.