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Get Those Web Design Idea Out There

Get Those Web Design Idea Out There

Creative Ideas

Sometimes we, people who work in the web design company, have tons of ideas just flying around in our head, they be like, “heyyyy, develop us into something more will you?,” but you just can’t seem the right place to experiment and execute them–in the end all of those creative ideas either abandoned or forgotten.

Isn’t just sad to see all those wondrous and wonderful ideas to fade away just like that, without have the chance to experiment with to see what kind of awesome design you will come up with?

There’s a way to avoid that from happening–that is by utilizing the easy and versatile WordPress. WordPress is an easy to use web building platform, with it you can experiment theme colours, layouts, widgets position, font sizes and types.

But experimenting blindly might not be a wise idea, so why not go and take a look at 2018 web design trends that are currently going on, for example; the latest colour splashes and combinations that mostly used currently. When you play around and experiment colours you will know how much impact colours can have on visitors of a website and how items displayed on that website appeared and looked on the eyes of visitors. Try matching the colours to the theme and personality of the website you’re working on, for example, vibrant and fun colours for e-commerce websites, darker and softer tone for business and corporate websites.


Another thing to take note of is photos or images. Photos or images can give content on a website huge emotions or feelings boost to visitors and prompting them into actions such purchasing the items you’re selling or services you’re providing. A two hundred words of item or service description is pretty much chasing your visitors away, so throw some interesting, funny images along with the content to make it interesting.

Then there’s the typography, those little things we called words in a more fancier, artsy and technical term. Typography actually does have a big impact on your website, layout and font type affect how a website appearance. An unorganized and inappropriate typography may caused a website to look awkward, unconving—look around and see how others do it. Try combining the ideas you have and what others do you might end up creating a new trend that is unique to the website you’re working on. For example, for headers, titles and sub titles you can use bigger size font and bolder colour, to catch the attention of visitors or to highlight the importance of a section, news, or posts.

Micro interaction such as a button that prompt a video or a Facebook “like” and “share” buttons with interesting design what enhances visitors experience on your website. With the help of these interactive buttons you can arrange a delightful surprise for visitors. Let say you have new product, you can put it in on the website as a shadow image with a big “?” and to reveal it, add button to unveil it or just simply click on the image. This will add the element of mystery and surprise to the website. Bet you always have this idea of revealing something using stage curtain animation, no? Satisfy that wants by adding micro interaction to your website.

How Social Media Change The Game

How Social Media Change The Game

We are currently living in a time social media Big Bang, a time where social media is expanding at rapid pace–changing from just mere social platforms to business arena, a place where people interact with one another digitally and also where business transactions happen; social media marketing company.

Thus opening doors of opportunities for people from all walks of life to take the jump into the marketing and biz world without taking much risk in doing so, especially when you’re just starting your business.

What Makes Social Media Today’s Hottest Business Platform?

Well for starters, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy to be access, easy to use, and free. So throngs of people will be on social medias everyday, browsing through their homepage see what’s up and what’s new. So the chances of your business getting notice will way much higher compare to the usual advertising, especially if you’re just starting up or running a small business.

There are many ways you can creatively advertise your business; promo videos, parody video of your own business, photos of your products with just few clicks here and there. You’ll able to connect with your customers at a much deeper level by directly communicate with them via comments and direct messages.

If you have new upcoming products or services you can upload a teaser of it, so that people will look forward to it and visits your site more often to look for update of the teased product or service both on the main website and the social media.

The tons of users and these neat features what made social media a strategic marketing and business platform excellent both for starters or business tycoons.

What You Need To Do When Using Social Media As Marketing Tool

Get The Conversation Flowing

Having that huge number of followers on your social media account is all well and good, but it is no use your stuffs are getting out there much. So don’t just keep dishing out bland and straightforward caption like a bot, instead write something that get the thread going, the more comments and likes on the post, it’ll be visible to more people.

Know The People

Now of course you already have your target customers for your business, but knowing what they like will really help. For example, by recognizing a group that has affinity for an anime series or a movie, when you shared a topic or product based on theme their of liking, you will have high chance getting more attention.

Don’t make post about your items, your business all the time. Post a topic or news that will get the post shared and comments, through this people will discover your social media page easier. Also, this will make you page appears more friendly to people.

5 Amazing Tips For Your Content Marketing

5 Amazing Tips For Your Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy has become somewhat crucial part of a business plan with the explosion of online businesses, be it on social medias or e-commerce sites. Though creating a marketable content can be very hard as the online industry is very competitive and there’s always something new popped up, and shared every day.

Sometimes the same old every content marketing strategy just doesn’t seem to work anymore nowadays. Because of this, website developer seo team been brainstorming for new ideas and creative ways to outdone their client’s competitors. We know how hard that can be, so that why we are sharing these tips to help change and improve your game strategy in this industry.

Do Your Research And Produce Authentic Content

About five years the Skyscraper Technique was invented by Brian Dean of Backlinko. This is a technique that uses link-baiting works by finding the most shared and link worthy content, then change it a bit by adding something little extra on top of it.

But this is a technique from five years ago, it won’t be as effective then. I mean, people WILL grow tired of reading and looking through similar content over and over again. For example, you’ve read an article on gadgets or the sorts at one site. But the information you found wasn’t sufficient enough. So you look for another, but all you found is another similar content with a little extra, that’s it. I’m not saying doesn’t work at all, it does work to some degree, but keep using it on the long run though, it won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, as editors and copywriters, we should do research on the content we want to create. That way it’ll more authentic and unique which equals to something new and something that may just what people looking for. With original content link-baiting becomes easier and will net you organic links without much efforts doing SEO or PR.

Though the challenge is to make a content as such can be time consuming and hard. But i’d say the result is well worth the effort. Because it’ll surely net your content a lot exposure and discoveries.

Learn And Start Using LSI For Content

This keyword method is the most unknown and under-practiced; it is calledLatent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

What Is LSI?

LSI is a keyword that is semantically related to a main keyword. For example the main keyword is Android. But your content is all about Android and it’s development process. So putting Android alone will be too general, but if you paired it with another word that match your content and visitors’ intent it’ll become more relevant and specific. This additional accompanying keyword is the LSI keyword.


Android (main) + app (LSI)

Android (main) + development tutorial (LSI)

LSI in the simplest words are when you use related keywords and phrases in your content repeatedly. The more of the phrases and keywords that are relevant to your content detects by Google, the more relevance the topic has. LSI helps Google understands the keywords in your content, so when Google index those keywords and sees their relevance to the said topic, it’ll boost the keywords ranking for both main keywords and LSI keywords.

The best way to get out the most from these keywords is by inserting in your content subheaders, and this also helps with the flow contents

Example of implementing LSI keywords, if you’re targeting for “Android App Development”, then one of your LSI keywords should be “Android app development benefits”. Then you add a section at the end of the article with repeated LSI keywords such as “Learn And Start Android App Development”. Google will detect these keywords relevance and proceed to index into related topic and category.

Be sure the keywords are grammatically comprehensible, because Google updated Hummingbird algorithm detects whole the phrase as whole, no longer word by word relevance.

Through this method you will be able to  not only generate but increase organic traffic as well. Though you can’t willy-nilly pick and dump the keywords into your content, you have to make some research using Keyword Planner. For the most effective Keyword Planner, use Google’s Adwords. You’ll get result from the source and the place you want upload your content to.

hough there’s one specific tool to help ease your LSI keywords research. It is called LSIGraph, which is a free content management tool. This tool is free to use and very simple to be utilize. Just insert the targeted keyword, click on generate and it’ll show 50+ results of your targeted keyword.

Encourage and Convince Visitors To Promote Your Content

A well made and built content will nothing if it’s being shared. Yes, the LSI and the rest of SEO work will help to boost your content and make it easier to be discovered by people. Though it will be pretty much waste of effort if the content you’ve made not reaching out to enough people.

So what you need to do is convince people to share your content. How to do this? When comes down making content, don’t just write. But include something more interactive and alive, like GIFs, quotes, and of course, share buttons. I mean, you want people to share your content but there is no proper share button, that can be a real major turn off for some.

To make it better, place these share buttons near or around interesting components of your content such as Tweet, quotes or GIFs. Place these components as many as you, just be sure the layout of these components are interesting, not messy.

Make It Personal, Connect With The Audience By Segmenting

I would assume that most of us are familiar with email segmenting, if you’re not familiar with email segmenting here’s an articlewill help your head to wrap around it’s concept.

Well, basically, email segmentation is about putting and assigning audience into specific groups which will help tell you the group preferences and behaviors. Depending on the amount of your audience, your segment size could big or small, and some of your audience will be in multiple segments.

Email segmentation helps you recognize subscribers preferences and behaviors. As according to a survey made on Marketers by Ascend2, they shared that email segmentation is the second most effective email marketing.

By identifying your audience personas, or preference you will be able to able attract more by sending a more personalized emails.

9 Ways To Segment Your Audience

The methods listed down here just some of effective examples, there many other creative ways to segment your email. So, don’t afraid of experimenting your way with it.

  • Time On List
  • Form or Cart Abandonment
  • Geographical Location
  • Customer Avatars
  • Membership Status
  • Webinar Attendees

Content Editorial Calendar

A content editorial calendar is crucial in helping you keep track of old and new contents as well as keeping track of both old and new audience. With content editorial calendar you’ll be able to plan future content and revise old content, with this you’ll be able to plan which direction your next content will be heading to.

Utilize Your Customers Words As A Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Postings shared by your customers on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook can have a powerful impact on your business if you choose take them and share it on your site or blog posts. You can consider this as testimonials from your customers and shows that you’re running a good business.

When shared postings are placed in your content, this will attract more new traffic to your site and also it’ll make your customers feel connected with your content, that you’re appreciative and take note of your customers.

It’s to bring your A-game to the table! Don’t get stuck with the classic old ways, it’s 2018! There all sorts ways for you to improve your content marketing strategy. Scour the Internet or experiment with methods to find the best content marketing strategy.

Getting Started: Android App Development

Getting Started: Android App Development

Why Android App Development?

Just thinking of it is already scares and causes anxiety in most of us since it sound complicated, but let’s not worry too much about it and dizzying ourselves with unnecessary exaggerated  imagination of its complexity. Let’s start at the beginning and go through it step by step.

But the thing is, why would you even learn Android app development? Well, when you learn Android development skills, you will gain access to not just smartphones but other mobile devices that run on Android OS such as tablets, smart televisions and now even smart watches! Oh to make things better, with having of knowledge Android app development, you can consider applying for work in a mobile app development agency–the pay is pretty good you know. 

Another thing is, Android system is easy to develop compared to other platforms, this doesn’t mean it is far simpler to code for, but just less barriers.

As a beginner, you will need to start things off with Android SDK, Android Studio and Java JDK. Don’t worry, it won’t cost a single dime as these tools are all free to download and use, and they’re easy to install and set up. For starters, you start building a simple app, and might only requires a single visual designer, though if you have the knack for visuals and graphics you can jump into it immediately. If you found yourself stuck somewhere, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet.

Once your app is completed, you only need to create an APK file which is a very simple process (this file contains your app and for easy installation of the app) and then, you can submit to Google. For submission you only need to pay one-off 25$, then you’ll be able to upload unlimited amount of apps. Once uploaded and approved by Google, your app will be visible within hours. This is because Google Playstore makes easy for people to find and download your newly created app. Chances for you to create a popular and successful Android on Google Playstore is far more easier compared to PC and Mac.

What’s more, Android app development skills are in high demand right now especially Java, the number one and official language for Android programming which highly sought by companies!

These Are The Reasons Why

These ideals reasons are why you should start learning Android development skills. Let’s see it; creating and getting an app on IOS  is harder and it’ll probably will only reach a small audience. Developing for PC will find yourself struggling to find right platform to get the word out for the software or hardware you’re developing. But with Android, it is fairly easy to develop, and be discover by a fair amount of audience. This is because you’ll creating apps for devices already in pocket of most people and on a store that people will regularly check.

Finally, Getting Started

If you have read this far down, means you’re piqued and convinced. But just what are things you need to kick things off?The most obvious thing would be a decent computer, not a potato computer. How to know for sure whether it’s decent enough to run your Android development tasks?

If it’s manufactured recent or last couple of years and runs on latest Windows, it should be decent enough.

Then, you need to down these three things first:

  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Java JDK

Download the latest Android Studio. Make sure you choose and download the latest version, you can spot which one easily with the help of recommendation by Developer.Android. Back then, Android SDK must be downloaded separately but not anymore because comes together in package with Android Studio, so less the hassle for you.

The next thing you need is the Java JDK or Java Development Kit. This kit will allow your computer to interpret Java code, the preferred programming language for Android along with Kotlin, the newcomer. This is a crucial component because your app will be written in Java. You won’t have to touch anything else, unless you changed computers. The you have to download it all over again.


Now, what is Android Studio? Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development. This will act as your central/operation hub and where you will enter the Java code, debug apps and manage all your projects. This software lets you test and code using it’s provided interface. But to do so, you’d be needing another tools.

Android Software Development Kit or Android SDK is a selection tool required for Android development. Included in this selection of tools is an additional code that will act as a bridge between the Java and  Android devices (to allow you access native Android devices), features that will help to compile and run apps, and other useful tools during coding work such as emulator to test your app on. An emulator is a software that lets you run Android apps on your PC without additional hardware.

Android SDK now comes together in package with Android Studio. Just download and install, then you are all set and good to go.

How It Really Works In The Nutshell

Android app is written using Java, which requires JDK, that has additional functionality on top of it and this thanks to Android SDK. It also consists of various images, layout files, music, and other resource files. This where Android Studio puts all of together for us when you click on Run or Export, then the process of putting the code into a container called APK takes place. Think of it like .zip file, compressed and like .exe, works as an installation file. By this stage, you only have one file to share and run in order to distribute your programs.

Well, that’s the gist of it, there are more to it than that actually. But let’s understand the basic of how things work with Android app development before we get our hands dirty!

Start Learning And Start Android App Development

If you’re eager to start learning and your hands are itching to build something then, there are places where you can learn to do this. But i must warn you,