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Why Graphic Cards And Game Consoles Are So Expensive?

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Ever since the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the prices of GPUs and Game consoles like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X have skyrocketed due to the shortage of these items. Leaving many gamers frustrated and angry. The reason for the GPUs and consoles to have these shortages is because, according to the manufacturers, due to global chip shortage because of the pandemic. Not just that, due to the high demand, the prices of these items increase significantly. Another factor on why graphic cards and game consoles become so expensive is because of GPU mining for cryptocurrency. GPU miners will usually buy graphic cards and game consoles in bulk. 


Crypto mining is nothing new. In fact, it was first started in 2009. However, it got extremely popular in 2020 as many people are jumping on the bandwagon by hopping onto the crypto trend. Usually to earn money. Crypto mining is the same as gold mining. Both require heavy use of energy. In order to mine cryptocurrency, you need a very powerful computer to be able to mine crypto. One desktop is not powerful enough if you wish to mine cryptocurrency. Hence, that’s why these people stock up all of the GPUs and Game consoles for their patch to richness. With all credits given, investing and mining for cryptocurrency is difficult. Just like investing in stock markets, they have to study the crypto trends by going to Crypto Coin Market News to get the latest news with cryptocurrency.


Another factor on why GPUs and consoles are so expensive and hard to get is because of scalpers. Since there is a high demand and low supply for GPUs and consoles, scalpers take advantage of this situation by purchasing and stocking up all of the GPUs and consoles and selling them at a high inflation rate. These scalpers often use a program or a bot to purchase the items immediately when it restocks. Thus, leaving genuine buyers with nothing. There needs to be a law to make scalping illegal. Another thing that people can do is to not give in by purchasing it from scalpers. It is easier said than done, as some people are in need of the latest technology for their own reasons.


Well, if these two are not enough. Recently, there is this new cryptocurrency called ‘NFT’. NFT is a non-fungible token, a digital asset that acts like a real-world object. Even though it has been around since 2014, it recently gained popularity as people are once again jumping on the hype trend to buy and sell digital artwork. Those who invest in NFT claim that they are helping out artists. To what extent, we are not sure. 


The global shortage of graphic cards and consoles does not seem to be ending anytime soon. According to studies, it predicts that the global shortage will end by 2022. We hope that this problem will end as soon as possible as we want to get GPUs and consoles at a reasonable price again.


Crypto Coin Market News

2021’s Top 5 Web Design Trends

2021’s Top 5 Web Design Trends

Many Malaysian web design firms are already brainstorming web design ideas and trends for the coming year increasingly attempting to replicate reality. For internet users, including your clients and their target audience, websites have become a part of everyday life. As a result, improve your agency’s website, as well as your clients’, according to these latest website design trends to breathe new life into your digital workspace.

Here are the three most promising and modern website design trends that you should use to capture your clients’ hearts.

1. Asymmetric Layouts

The layout of a website is the structural arrangement of visual elements used to provide information to users that is engaging. In recent years, there has been a shift away from symmetrical interfaces, which are now considered uninteresting and predictable. The stable and harmonious quality of symmetrical arrangements is seldom overlooked. Asymmetrical layouts, on the other hand, are more likely to have a more dynamic and intriguing influence on visitors, allowing you to stand out more.

Asymmetrical layouts aid in the creation of a unique and memorable website experience for visitors. Rather of geometric patterns and straight lines, 2021 is all about organic or fluid shapes. This is due to the fact that web designers appear to be more prone to fusing the digital realm with everyday actual life experiences. And, just as tree branches, slopes, and river margins have their own asymmetrical aesthetics, so can web design trends. Organic and fluid shapes, rather than lines or angles, are used to separate the parts and folds of a website. These shapes can also be used in the background of your homepage to provide a smooth user experience while also piqueing your visitors’ curiosity.

If you truly want to employ lines in your design, try Slice of Machine Learning‘s combination of lines and organic shapes. Are you concerned that these designs may overwhelm your clients? Using a wireframe, determine the importance of each visual element in the layout. Before you create an asymmetrical website layout, experiment with the colour, size, and movement of those visual elements.

Website development layout sketch drawing

2. Retro Fonts

Colours and fonts inspired by the past have a long shelf life. Retro fonts are used in a wide variety of ways, with a wide range of styles and aesthetics. Retro fonts can liven up any website’s layout, from trite and trope to bold and gorgeous. Make use of a variety of font styles and sizes. Visual designs that overlap, floating components, larger typography, and layers Experiment with expressing your ideas in the most open, unrestricted way possible without overwhelming website users. American Scraps, Cuban Council, and New York Moon are fantastic instances of blending contemporary graphics with historic elements to give bold retro fonts a stylish and modern feel.

3. Parallax Scroll Animations

The parallax effect is created by a smooth transition between foreground and background website elements. As visitors read through each component of your website, inspire your clients and their audience with amazing animations.

To entice visitors, parallax animation creates depths in the foreground and backdrop. This web design trend isn’t just for attracting your visitor’s or client’s attention; you can also utilise it to get visitors to take action. Change the colour, shape, or speed of the CTA element to entice users to interact with it using trigger animation.

Play around with moving letters, foreground, and even backdrop on your webpage to make a lasting impact on your clients and visitors. However, avoid becoming overly flashy and instead employ subtle parallax scrolling programmes.


Gambling and Coolness- How the Two are Related.

Gambling and Coolness- How the Two are Related.

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The act of gambling has been considered cool for generations now. Regardless of personal participation, people have always considered the act to be an incredibly suave engagement. This notion has been further perpetuated by the glamorization of the lifestyle in the media. When people hear the term ‘gambling’ they do not think of ill-lit, smoke choked, packed rooms in the back of some shady restaurant, no, they think of black ties and glittering dresses. They think of tailored suits and vodka martinis, shaken not stirred. They think of all the riches that they are bound to win in an ambience that is dripping with class. 


Gambling has been mythicalized to the point where people wish to try it only to experience the fantasies that they have created in their heads after consuming multiple forms of media that told them that gambling is a classy act, one in which only the people who are inherently cool and charismatic prosper. 


While it is obvious where most, if not all, of this cool stereotype stems from, it is a fascinating phenomenon. Despite having real life proof of gambling ruining their loved ones’ lives, people still admire gambling and put it on a pedestal. Despite having seen first hand what gambling can do to a person, people still believe that they are immune to it. 


Reasons why Gambling has been Mythicalized. 


  • Chances of Winning Big. 

Gambling success stories are a dime a dozen and every story follows the same narration. A person down on their luck played the last of their money in a bout of desperation and ended up winning big, the appeal of these stories is the fact that the person who wins is always the underdog and who does not love a good underdog story! Hearing such stories distort one’s perception about gambling and makes them see only one side of the proverbial coin. 

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  • To Solve Financial Problems. 

In an economy that is so painfully horrifying that ordinary people have to decide between eating dinner or paying rent despite having worked a full 40 hour week, the fantasy of getting rich beyond one’s wildest dreams is not as out of place as some may want people to think. It is not an easy time to be making a living and supporting a family. Thus, many people glamourize gambling by fantasizing about winning big at “the tables”. No specific games, just the tables. 


  1. Media

James Bond sauntering through a casino floor in a tailored suit and ordering a vodka martini at the bar is a lot more suave than James Bond walking through a dingy play room and ordering a vodka soda from the drinks section. Media has altered people’s understanding of what a true casino experience is like. It makes them believe that 6 kids from MIT can go to Las Vegas, count cards, win big, and narrowly escape with their lives after the casino manager catches them cheating and beats them to a pulp, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. While 6 kids from MIT did actually do the aforementioned things, sans the casino manager catching them and beating them up, a plain in sight heist like that is impossible to pull off. However, media glamourized the whole notion and not people believe that they can live out their best James Bond fantasy at an expensive casino and at the end of the night, cash out their huge winnings. 

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While casinos do offer chances of winning big, solving financial issues, and living out fantasies of classy adventures, the truth is not as crystal clear and laser focused. Brick and mortar casinos sidetrack people from enjoying the activity by shoving patrons in a high ceiling hall that never seems to end. Online gambling however, allows people to experience the epic highs and lows of gambling without the loud and sometimes garish distractions. 


MYSLOTKING is an online gambling website that allows people to partake in gambling in comfortable and relaxed environments. This increases the chances of the players winning. 

Download mega888 today and experience it yourself!

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Industrial Automation Technologies?

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Industrial Automation Technologies?

As the Industrial Revolution 4.0 approaches, many firms and corporations may recognize the value of obtaining industrial automation technology for their factories and workplaces. This is owing to the fact that, despite their differences in many ways, human laborers have a number of repercussions. Laborers do grow weary and drained during the day as a result of completing repetitive tasks. Furthermore, additional resources were necessary to recruit additional workers, not to mention the fact that when the Christmas season approaches, you must suspend production and manufacture.

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Many Malaysian factory automation businesses see this as an opportunity and are working on new solutions to handle any concerns or obstacles that may be avoided. While some individuals still believe in laborers’ efficiency, many others have chosen to replace them with machines and robots. But why is it the case? Why should you be any different?


The first important benefit of using industrial automation technology in the workplace is that it reduces human fatigue and energy usage. Humans are known for their emotions, and as they age, they can easily grow fatigued. Consider what would happen if you had a hundred people like that. Machines and robots, on the other hand, go about their business without hesitation or complaint. Because machines and robots may operate constantly and only require supervision if something goes wrong, industrial automation technologies should be considered, especially if the activities are repetitive and do not require human comfort or concentration. View full Omron power supply in Malaysia, to ensure the best quality for your machinery. 


Aside from that, the technologies protect products from being damaged or destroyed. While it’s common for humans to grow tired or exhausted while making or developing things, there’s a significant risk that the items may be damaged or faulty as a result. Humans are also easily distracted, which can lead to poor outcomes. With these technologies, you won’t have to worry about boredom or distractions because robots and machines are well-equipped to follow directions and preferences. The machine will only start acting up if you fail to maintain it, which is also something that you shouldn’t do.


Above all, it does not demand a substantial increase in financial resources. For example, if you don’t have any of these technologies, you’ll need to recruit more workers to get better outcomes. This does not account for the increased pay your employees will seek in return for promotions. Most organizations and businesses, I understand, would choose the option with fewer expenses but better and more efficient manufacturing and production. No one wants to pay more money to get the same predictable results as before. Industrial automation, on the other hand, will not produce the same result. All you’d have to do is put money into technology and machinery.

6 Ways To Make It Through University

6 Ways To Make It Through University

College might be exciting and interesting, but catching up on deadlines, having a tonne of homework, and filling your head with all of the necessary knowledge for tests is not. Most of the time, it can be difficult and tiresome. So, maybe, some of these pointers will assist you in surviving college and completing your degree.

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Make new acquaintances.

Even if you consider yourself a loner, it is critical that you make friends at college. This is because, in most cases, your friends will assist you in any scenario, and you should establish friends with whom you can get along. Not only that, but having friends can be enjoyable, and it will be easier to get through difficult times in college if you do it together.


Attend class.

You don’t want to miss any of your lecturer’s crucial lectures or advice throughout the class period. Don’t skip any classes, and this is the most vital advice for surviving college: attend to class even if you’re tired. If you continue to miss class, you will most likely have to repeat the subject the following semester, which will only postpone your graduation.


Make good use of your time.

College life may be demanding, so you must learn to manage your time effectively. If creating a schedule helps you stay focused, go ahead and do it. You’ll need time to get to class, do your work, and spend time with your friends and family. You will have a balanced lifestyle at college if you manage your time well, and you will remain calm and sane even during the busiest months. It is also important to have a healthy sleeping schedule because the university can be hectic with all of the assignments that needed to be completed, so don’t spend your whole night playing Malaysia online casino review. 


Explore new things

College and university are excellent places to try new things. If you’ve never tried anything new before, this could be the moment to do so. Not only will it benefit your own experience, but who knows, you could discover a new ability or skill that will be useful to you in the future.


Study wisely.

It’s crucial to have fun and try new things, but don’t lose sight of your core objectives. In contrast to high school, you must study intelligently rather than hard. You won’t have to strain your brain with several courses like math, history, and science; instead, you’ll be able to concentrate on just one. As a result, it will be easier, and you will need to study wisely in order to get that CGPA.


College is a great period in our lives, and you should make the most of it while pursuing your aspirations and objectives.


Include Vital Business Knowledge Into Your Resume

Include Vital Business Knowledge Into Your Resume

Marketing talents are traits and skills that are directly relevant to the marketing field. These skills are the tools that a marketer needs to be successful in the profession. When a company hires for an open position, it is committed to finding someone who is capable of handling the job’s duties and meeting or exceeding expectations. Highlighting the correct skills on your resume is the best way to persuade a potential employer that you are the ideal candidate to achieve that objective. If you have expertise with any marketing plan, such as network marketing software, for example, you should emphasize these talents and experience so that the company is aware of your qualifications. Other marketing abilities that you might emphasize in your resume include the following. Highlighting all of your skills and qualification can help you to be employed at the top MLM companies in Malaysia.

top mlm companies in Malaysia
24157892 – knowledge concept


As a strategist, you’ll be required to explain your product vision to other colleagues or to a buyer on a regular basis. It’s also vital to be able to offer clear feedback and directions when implementing a plan in order to keep the entire team on the same page and working toward the intended end result.


Thinking Outside the Box

Every sales department needs a creative thinker that is always coming up with new and innovative methods to advertise their brand to their target audience. The ability to think creatively is one of the most important abilities for a marketer. Using creative thinking, you may come up with unique marketing concepts that generate good outcomes for your clients.



The ability to read analytical reports is essential for establishing the optimal marketing plan. This is an increasingly useful capacity in the present marketing climate, where it has never been simpler to obtain in-depth evaluations of reaction to past efforts, what your average client looks like, and how postings or videos are working. A marketing professional’s ability to locate useful information in that data and apply it positions them to succeed. The ability to find relevant information in that data and apply it positions a marketer. Tools like the Facebook Pixel allow for highly detailed understandings of potential customers across a near-limitless number of classifications, and the ability to find relevant information in that data and apply it positions a marketer.


The Internet and Social Media

Almost every modern company must manage its brand and maintain a web presence. Using social media platforms, a company may gain attention and build brand loyalty with customers without having to spend any money. In a marketing department, strong social media skills are essential since they assist a firm in optimising the effect of its social media presence.


Layout and Design

For still image advertising campaigns, the ability to create a functional layout that shows the items without overwhelming visitors is crucial. Some businesses will be satisfied with marketing professionals who are familiar with layout and art direction programs and can put their own marketing proposals together, while others will prefer marketing professionals who are familiar with layout and art direction programs and can put their own marketing proposals together.


Personality Characteristics

When connecting with clients, a marketer’s interpersonal skills are crucial. When a dispute arises between the marketing team’s selected course of action and the client’s preferences, for example, interpersonal skills may be used to determine whether the client is adamant in their desire or whether there is an opportunity to defend the marketing team’s decision.

Water Your Garden Efficiently

Water Your Garden Efficiently

Your garden is your pride and joy. It is an expression of self, a place to relax and find calmness, and also a place to extend the beauty of the house you live in. The garden you have has potential to be one of the best places for you to experiment with various styles, plants and shrubbery. Stylised gardens can include several ornaments like stone statues, benches and various elements to make it stand out in a way that still makes it personal to you. In the garden, you can make a sanctuary out of your gazebo or your patio. But one of the best ways to take care of your garden and ensure that it keeps up appearances is to maintain the greenery. Keep it looking healthy in various ways. However, there may be issues with how you are watering your garden. It may seem obvious to point a hose at the greens and let the water do its job, but there are tips to help you garden more efficiently.


Use Mulch To Trap Moisture

Using mulch can be a good way to water your garden and keep the moisture locked in the soil. Mulch is easy to make, only consisting of dead leaves and grasses, some dry pods and seeds and soil. The mulch, when watered, keeps the moisture trapped in the soil for a longer period than without the mulch. It reduces the rate of evaporation too, therefore your plants will be well-moistened for a longer period of time.

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Water Closer To Evening Instead Of During The Day

Watering your garden during the day means that the sun will dry up the soil as it will be exposed. However, if you water during the evening and closer to nighttime, there is less evaporation, thus the soil and your garden retain moisture for longer. The more time your garden spends moist, the more likely your plants will flourish and gain more water up their roots before the soil moisture dries. While some may opt to water earlier in the morning, the wetness won’t last as long because as the sun rises it does get hotter.


Include Trees And Tall Shrubbery

With more trees and tall shrubbery, you increase the amount of shady areas that can protect your greenery from the heat of the day. However, there is the possibility that the trees and larger shrubbery may soak up more water than your plants, but if there is enough water around, every plant will be well-satisfied.


Use A Sprinkler

A sprinkler with a detachable sprinkler socket Malaysia helps distribute water evenly and slowly so that it gets to each plant. The sprinkler, unlike a hose pipe, does not drown its plants or break them due to the amount of force coming from it. Therefore, investing in a good sprinkler can save you plants, effort and water lost by watering some parts unevenly.


Why You Should Start Betting For Fun

Why You Should Start Betting For Fun

When we wager on sports, we have to make a lot of choices. Choosing what sports to bet on and what bets to put are just a few of the decisions we face. We must first identify why we want to gamble on sports before we even begin to place bets on certain sports events. There are just two potential answers to this seemingly difficult question. Either we’re gambling for pleasure or we’re gambling to profit.

You may have both fun and make money at the same time. The reason we are confident in this assertion is that we benefit handsomely from our sports betting while also having a great time. We’re confident that we’re not alone in our assessment. The majority of bettors, though, even if they don’t realize it, prefer one over the other. Gambling is popular among people who do it solely for fun, or what we call “recreational bettors.” Then there are the more dedicated bettors, whose primary goal is to turn a profit in casino online Malaysia.


Is it important to have goals when you’re betting on sports? Yes, in our opinion. Depending on your objectives, you’ll have to adjust your strategy. If all you want to do is have a good time, your efforts should be directed toward making that happen. It’s not difficult at all. However, if the goal is to generate regular and steady income over time, things get more challenging. You must be willing to study a lot in order to generate a profit in the long run.


This article was created to assist you in making a decision on which strategy is most appropriate for your situation. We begin by going over some important information and posing some questions for you to consider. After that, we’ll give you some pointers on how to have a good time when betting. We’ll wrap things up by exploring what it takes to be a real success. Hopefully, after reading the information on this page, you’ll have a better notion of whether you want to place bets for fun or for profit. You’ll also be aware of the requirements necessary to meet your goals.


The most critical piece of advice is found at the top of the list. If you only take one thing away from this article, make it this one. Be sure you can afford to lose the amount of money you decide to risk losing. Once you’ve set a spending limit, stick to it. If you start spending more than you intended, sports betting will probably cease being enjoyable for you. It’s okay to lose. It’s not good to suffer a great deal of loss. Keep your wits about you and stick to your spending plan.


The next point we’d like to make is connected to the first. Having a budget is important, but so is having rules about how much you are willing to stake on each wager. Only a small portion of your total budget should ever be put on the line.


Even if you learn the basics of strategy, it’s not necessary. Unless your aim is to win, it’s logical that you wouldn’t want to spend the time learning the method to do so. Remember, though, that even a tiny bit of extra knowledge can make a big difference when it comes to winning. It will be worth your time to read over our list of simple betting methods that are both easy to grasp and easy to put into practice.

Online Slot Machines Are The New Form Of Entertainment

Online Slot Machines Are The New Form Of Entertainment

Slot machines have long been a favourite among gamblers of all ages. Gamers used to spend a lot of time at land-based casinos‘ visually appealing slot machines before internet casinos came around. Players used a lever to turn the reels on these machines.

The rapid advancement of technology has profoundly altered the landscape. You may now play these games from the comfort of your own home while sitting at your computer. The following section discusses the numerous benefits of playing slots at an online casino.


The convenience of playing at online casinos has been a huge perk for slot machine fans. Due to the fact that these platforms are available online, gamers are free to play at their preferred casinos without having to go far. They also don’t have to neglect their jobs in order to have a good time at an online casino. Playing whenever and from wherever you choose is an option for them (even on the go).


Enhanced Incentives and Reward Systems

When it comes to bonuses, online casino gamers get a lot more than those who play in a real gaming zone. Online casinos employ this tactic to entice new members to their sites by offering incentives to existing members. For online gamers, a sign-up or welcome bonus is one of the most popular bonuses. Sign-up bonuses are frequently rather significant in terms of their value.

Online casino players receive a variety of bonuses, not only a sign-up one. In addition, players continue to earn incentives according on how often they visit the casino website and how much they play. Free spins, additional chips, and cash rewards are all examples of bonuses.

These bonuses help players to play for longer periods of time in online casinos, increasing their chances of winning.


Stakes that Can Be Adjusted

The phrase “stakes” refers to the money you’re willing to put on the line in the hopes of winning a larger sum. Online casinos allow players to choose from a wide variety of stakes, from as little as a few cents up to several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

Even if you’re playing in a physical casino, you’ll be able to pick your bet size. Online casino websites, on the other hand, offer a lot more versatility.


Payments are simple and fast.

Because of the stunning images, great sound effects, and superior graphics provided by the casino websites, you may have decided to play slots online. What may surprise you, though, is how simple it is to make payments on these sites.

The majority of reputable online casinos accept a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, debit card, credit card, bitcoin, and others. Players can use them to fund their accounts. When you go to a physical casino, your options will be limited.


Payouts That Are More Attractive

There are fewer expenses for online casinos, thus you can expect 92% to 97% payouts when you play slots on these virtual gaming systems. In a land-based casino, you won’t be able to take advantage of this perk when playing slot machines.


Online casinos like mega888 can make it possible for even the busiest folks to have a good time playing their favorite slot machines. As was seen above.

Casino websites do not just benefit slot players; they also allow folks who play other types of games to reap the rewards as well. You must, however, find a trustworthy online casino with a high reputation among current players in order to enjoy all those advantages.

Pros And Cons Of Online Network

Pros And Cons Of Online Network

The main advantages of the Internet are that it provides timely access to information and a more open and equal platform for communication and exchange. The disadvantages are that it is easy to become addicted and it is difficult to distinguish the truth from the falsehoods of the Internet. The following are the details. 

The benefits of the Internet: 1.The necessity of acquiring knowledge and up-to-date information in the information age. The current information is expanding and exploding at an unprecedented rate. Only with the ability to obtain effective scientific information from the outside world quickly and timely, and the ability to disseminate scientific information, can we adapt well to the development of this high-tech society;

2. From the Internet you can quickly find learning materials, learn more about the latest scientific achievements in the world outside the classroom, and the latest trends in relevant academic research topics. The growing popularity of online classes also allows you to receive online teaching from renowned teachers. And with the interactive learning, rich three-dimensional graphic displays, language explanations and other multimedia content available on the Internet, the difficulty of learning will be relatively low.

3. The Internet has brought a powerful and potent means of disseminating information. The net has greatly shortened the time it takes to release and receive information, avoiding many unnecessary wastes of resources. Especially with the current popularity of social media, the length of time for news acquisition has been greatly reduced, enabling timely access to the latest trends of the event from multiple perspectives. The emergence of self-media platforms has also given more opportunities for people to make their voices heard and express their opinions.

The disadvantages of the network:

1.the biggest disadvantage of the network is addiction, the network world derived from many virtual world works, such as online games, network communities, many people will be because of the anonymity of the network and the relative equality of status and linger in the network community, affecting the actual work and life.

2. For students who are still in the learning stage, addiction to the Internet will lead to a decline in academic performance, even at the expense of absenteeism. Likewise, adults may be embroiled in online gambling such as pussy888 apk.

3. Due to the anonymity of the Internet, it is more difficult to verify credibility, and acts such as water army and list-painting can also affect people’s judgment of the authenticity of the Internet.


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