Can You Become A Software Developer?

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Can You Become A Software Developer?

Careers involving IT such as website designing and software development have been very popular in the job market. It is nothing surprising since we are living in this 21st century where a lot of technological devices have been surrounding us in the workplace. Many employers are looking for employees with a high level of understanding and expertise on technology in order to ease the tasks at the company. Most companies have been demanding graduates from courses related to IT and technology because they need those skills in order to grow their ecommerce companies in the super competitive industry. Hence, careers like software developers have been increasing in demand these days. More and more students have been interested in furthering their studies in this course as they find it beneficial for their future career. However, this career is not exactly for anyone as they need to have a deep passion for technology to be a software developer, and that’s only one of their common traits. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the traits you need to have in order to see if you could become a software developer.

A High Tolerance To Electronic Devices

In order to become a software developer, having a high tolerance to electronic devices is a must. This means that this career is not suited for those who dislike using gadgets such as laptops and tablets. Since you will be using a lot of these devices for your work, it will be hard for those who cannot tolerate the use of technology.  You will learn later that you will be spending the whole of your working hours sitting in front of a computer in order to develop multiple and various types of softwares. You need to deal with a lot of tasks involving the softwares and it means that you will not even use the traditional way for documentation or to update your tasks. Everything in your workplace will involve the use of advanced electronic devices and you will need to get used to them fast.

A Passion For Softwares

A software developer is responsible for the retrieval, storage, and manipulation of data to analyze a system’s capability and requirements. At times they will also have to oversee the work of computer technologists, programmers, and technicians. Their task can be challenging as they have to deal with analysing and resolving complex systems requirements. Hence, you need to have a deep passion in softwares to be able to master all these complex structures and knowledge about software development. Those who do not have an interest in softwares will end up leaving the field as the pressure could bring them down. Besides, they will have to be serious about working for some good companies which specialise in developing high-quality softwares for their customers. If you are wondering about this company, find out more on mlm software malaysia.


All in all, software development is a good career for you if you are really passionate about the world of softwares and technology. However, you need to have  a high tolerance to the usage of electronic devices at your workplace. If you are able to fulfill all these criteria, then good luck on your journey to become a professional software developer.