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Capitalize On Content

It is a fact that online content and SEO go together. Without a good SEO strategy, your website posts can be disappear somewhere on the 40th page of the search engine results.

As a blogger, you should know that a good relationship between content and SEO is very important!

Do you want to improve your SEO efforts and make your content go further at the same time?  Read these 10 helpful SEO writing tips.

Write headlines that pack a punch.

Headlines are very short, but they should make a big positive impression. Never underestimate the power of a catchy headline! Make sure to write clear and interesting headlines, while using the right keywords. Moreover, see to it that your meta descriptions are equally interesting and compelling.

Utilize keyword-rich statements.

Always use relevant and keyword-rich phrases in your headlines and throughout your blog post. You need to be careful though, since keywords can turn off your readers and can result penalties for “keyword stuffing.” Use keywords carefully, thoughtfully and sparingly.

Write for your readers first.

Make sure that you are writing content for the RIGHT reasons. You are writing for your target audience. Make sure that your readers will love your website content. Answer their questions. Create content that would appeal to the attraction. Not everything needs to be about your products and services, but everything should be industry related.

Structure your content properly.

Your website content may be good, but if left in an unorganized and inefficient format, it would never be effective. Break it up into shorter paragraphs with catchy headlines. This would make it an easy read for your audience.

Keep everything under the same roof.

Keep all of your original content under the same domain name—your own domain name. This way, you can get the traffic and credit your website deserves. Moreover, every time an opportunity to showcase your own content in another website turns up for your seo advertising malaysia, make sure to share it! Be proud of your own work.

Use the power of social media in promoting your content.

Social media platforms are very powerful tools. They can help to increase your website content reach. Post your articles in your social profiles, while using engaging descriptions and call-to-action statements. It is very important to have colorful share buttons in all of your blog posts!

Make use of vibrant images in your posts.

People love visual images. Make sure that your website posts have beautiful images. Trust me, it can make a big positive impression. Never forget to promote your blog posts in your social media platforms. This is another way to gain massive website traffic.

Promote natural link building

Link building is an important process and ranking factor for SEO. Provide links to your own articles or website. This ensures a link back to your blog, in case your post will be picked up by another website. Always aim for quality to improve shareability.

Explore and implement Google Authorship.

Google Authorship is one of the quickest and easiest ways to tie content to a particular author. All you need to have is a Google+ account. Are you an author? Or, do you love writing? If yes, explore Google Authorship. It is not only a great tool for promotion, it can also increase the click-through rate of your posts.

Always monitor your activities and progress.

Always monitor your marketing efforts. Why not use Google Analytics? It is an easy way to track the progress of your page views. Moreover, if you want to know how viral your posts are, you can check the number of your social interactions. These simple metrics will let you know which content are engaging, and well-received by your readers.

Did you enjoy reading these SEO techniques? Are you excited to apply them to your strategy? Implement them now to ensure higher website traffic and user engagement. Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions, and if you need more SEO writing tips!