Choose the Best Background

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Choose the Best Background

Your website’s background image gives the very first impression to a visitor. It can either make this visitor leave, continue browsing, or close the window. To be able to grab your target reader’s attention, you need to choose the right background image.

Connect With Your Audience

Many businesses resort to emotional branding, a marketing approach that can also work for a website background image.

Select a background image that is connected to your blog or business. Your visitor should be feel something positive, and form an emotional bond with your brand. If you are creating a travel website, use a photo of a captivating location, and make your website visitor want to travel with you. A specific image that utilizes movement, or with an amazing perspective can truly make your background image stand out.

This is a great opportunity to show off brand in the best light.

Look for High-Quality Images Online

High resolution images will make your website go places. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to acquire good background images for your website. It only takes one click—there are several platforms out there with free stock photos. Most website making companies make use of that.

The Perfect Size

This factor is often overlooked. What many web designers and most business owners don’t know is that a background image’s size can highly impact a website. With the perfect size, a good photo can make a page look even more professional.

Quick tip? Always use landscape images, instead of portraits. That format works well with modern monitors. You should always check the background’s appearance on Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as on mobile devices. Make sure it works well on all platforms.

Establish a Focal Point

Do you want to lead your viewer to the information you want them to focus on? Then, learn to set your focal point effectively. Your focal point is your service, product, or any interesting part of your image. This helps align several background images, so all important elements are out in the open. You wouldn’t want to hide your best offerings.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds appear impressive. It can also serve as a balancing act between a great background, and the photo that doesn’t distract from the page.

Are you thinking of creating an online portfolio? Do you want show off your work in action?  Then, you can make a video with a very subtle hue. That way, it wouldn’t be very distracting from the rest of the other website elements. Moreover, giving the video background a more subtle motion can work more effectively for a business page.

Solid Color Backgrounds

If you are not really into photography, don’t worry. There are a lot of other options for an effective website background. You can use bold color blocks when making a bubbly and fun impressions. Just don’t forget to match that impression with the business industry.

This type of background image may also impact text visibility. So if you want your audience to focus on your written content, then a simple white background is better. A white space may seem very basic, but it can give your website an elegant and clean look. This is typically suitable for more serious and traditional businesses.