Choose The Essential And Best Info On Time Broadband Malaysia Here

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Choose The Essential And Best Info On Time Broadband Malaysia Here

PLC technology or power line communication that uses the wiring in your house to carry the Internet signal to every corner of your house, turning any plug into your Internet access point. To do this, you connect one of the Time Fibre next adapters directly to a power outlet and to the router using a network cable. This adapter converts data that is transmitted to the Internet into electrical pulses that travel through your home’s power line. The best info on Time broadband Malaysia is here, for you.

best info on Time broadband Malaysia here


Then, you just have to plug a second PLC adapter into any electrical outlet in your house that would act as a receiver synchronizing with the first adapter and establishing a direct connection with the router.

The result is a much stronger connection in the places furthest from the router where coverage was previously scarce.

Time Fibre

Since the information travels through the copper cables of the electrical installation of your house, it does not suffer the loss of intensity as it does not collide with walls, so now you get the same connection speed that you would have connecting to the network near your router, in the most remote rooms.

When transmitted, the information is encrypted, so only the synchronized device (or devices) have the key to decrypt it, thus guaranteeing maximum security in the transmission of data over the electrical network.

The new solution: Time Fibre 

The new generation Time Fibre equips your home with the latest advanced technologies in data transmission and connection management, to make your home network more efficient and improve its performance without making major changes.

One of the main improvements in the management of your home network that Time Fibre provides is the creation of a network or mesh network. This type of network groups the coverage of several synchronized PLC adapters in a single network, and automatically redirects the user to the connection point that offers the best coverage.

Time Fibre Choices

In this way, you can connect to one end of the house, and move freely through all the rooms without losing coverage, since the Mesh system is responsible for reconnecting the device to the closest adapter and that offers the best coverage in every moment.