Gambling and Coolness- How the Two are Related.

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Gambling and Coolness- How the Two are Related.

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The act of gambling has been considered cool for generations now. Regardless of personal participation, people have always considered the act to be an incredibly suave engagement. This notion has been further perpetuated by the glamorization of the lifestyle in the media. When people hear the term ‘gambling’ they do not think of ill-lit, smoke choked, packed rooms in the back of some shady restaurant, no, they think of black ties and glittering dresses. They think of tailored suits and vodka martinis, shaken not stirred. They think of all the riches that they are bound to win in an ambience that is dripping with class. 


Gambling has been mythicalized to the point where people wish to try it only to experience the fantasies that they have created in their heads after consuming multiple forms of media that told them that gambling is a classy act, one in which only the people who are inherently cool and charismatic prosper. 


While it is obvious where most, if not all, of this cool stereotype stems from, it is a fascinating phenomenon. Despite having real life proof of gambling ruining their loved ones’ lives, people still admire gambling and put it on a pedestal. Despite having seen first hand what gambling can do to a person, people still believe that they are immune to it. 


Reasons why Gambling has been Mythicalized. 


  • Chances of Winning Big. 

Gambling success stories are a dime a dozen and every story follows the same narration. A person down on their luck played the last of their money in a bout of desperation and ended up winning big, the appeal of these stories is the fact that the person who wins is always the underdog and who does not love a good underdog story! Hearing such stories distort one’s perception about gambling and makes them see only one side of the proverbial coin. 

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  • To Solve Financial Problems. 

In an economy that is so painfully horrifying that ordinary people have to decide between eating dinner or paying rent despite having worked a full 40 hour week, the fantasy of getting rich beyond one’s wildest dreams is not as out of place as some may want people to think. It is not an easy time to be making a living and supporting a family. Thus, many people glamourize gambling by fantasizing about winning big at “the tables”. No specific games, just the tables. 


  1. Media

James Bond sauntering through a casino floor in a tailored suit and ordering a vodka martini at the bar is a lot more suave than James Bond walking through a dingy play room and ordering a vodka soda from the drinks section. Media has altered people’s understanding of what a true casino experience is like. It makes them believe that 6 kids from MIT can go to Las Vegas, count cards, win big, and narrowly escape with their lives after the casino manager catches them cheating and beats them to a pulp, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. While 6 kids from MIT did actually do the aforementioned things, sans the casino manager catching them and beating them up, a plain in sight heist like that is impossible to pull off. However, media glamourized the whole notion and not people believe that they can live out their best James Bond fantasy at an expensive casino and at the end of the night, cash out their huge winnings. 

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While casinos do offer chances of winning big, solving financial issues, and living out fantasies of classy adventures, the truth is not as crystal clear and laser focused. Brick and mortar casinos sidetrack people from enjoying the activity by shoving patrons in a high ceiling hall that never seems to end. Online gambling however, allows people to experience the epic highs and lows of gambling without the loud and sometimes garish distractions. 


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