Get Those Web Design Idea Out There

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Get Those Web Design Idea Out There

Creative Ideas

Sometimes we, people who work in the web design company, have tons of ideas just flying around in our head, they be like, “heyyyy, develop us into something more will you?,” but you just can’t seem the right place to experiment and execute them–in the end all of those creative ideas either abandoned or forgotten.

Isn’t just sad to see all those wondrous and wonderful ideas to fade away just like that, without have the chance to experiment with to see what kind of awesome design you will come up with?

There’s a way to avoid that from happening–that is by utilizing the easy and versatile WordPress. WordPress is an easy to use web building platform, with it you can experiment theme colours, layouts, widgets position, font sizes and types.

But experimenting blindly might not be a wise idea, so why not go and take a look at 2018 web design trends that are currently going on, for example; the latest colour splashes and combinations that mostly used currently. When you play around and experiment colours you will know how much impact colours can have on visitors of a website and how items displayed on that website appeared and looked on the eyes of visitors. Try matching the colours to the theme and personality of the website you’re working on, for example, vibrant and fun colours for e-commerce websites, darker and softer tone for business and corporate websites.


Another thing to take note of is photos or images. Photos or images can give content on a website huge emotions or feelings boost to visitors and prompting them into actions such purchasing the items you’re selling or services you’re providing. A two hundred words of item or service description is pretty much chasing your visitors away, so throw some interesting, funny images along with the content to make it interesting.

Then there’s the typography, those little things we called words in a more fancier, artsy and technical term. Typography actually does have a big impact on your website, layout and font type affect how a website appearance. An unorganized and inappropriate typography may caused a website to look awkward, unconving—look around and see how others do it. Try combining the ideas you have and what others do you might end up creating a new trend that is unique to the website you’re working on. For example, for headers, titles and sub titles you can use bigger size font and bolder colour, to catch the attention of visitors or to highlight the importance of a section, news, or posts.

Micro interaction such as a button that prompt a video or a Facebook “like” and “share” buttons with interesting design what enhances visitors experience on your website. With the help of these interactive buttons you can arrange a delightful surprise for visitors. Let say you have new product, you can put it in on the website as a shadow image with a big “?” and to reveal it, add button to unveil it or just simply click on the image. This will add the element of mystery and surprise to the website. Bet you always have this idea of revealing something using stage curtain animation, no? Satisfy that wants by adding micro interaction to your website.