Healthy Sex Tips that Men Should Know

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Healthy Sex Tips that Men Should Know

There are some gender roles that are played when it comes to sex. Women and men have different roles. It is the duty of the man to become as healthy as possible so that they can perform really well.

Coping with stress, eating the right kinds of foods, having a good physical exercise regimen, and eliminating any bad habits like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are just some of the prerequisites for a man to have good sexual health.

Sex, at least when seen on the surface, may seem to be easy for a lot of men. But, for both partners to truly enjoy the sensation, there must be some things that you should do.

Today, I am going to talk about some sex tips that men should know.

1.Master the Art of Foreplay

For sex to be exciting, there has to be foreplay. Talking dirty, saying how gorgeous your partner is, and telling them how amazing they look are just some of the things that you can do to arouse her.

Remember, sex isn’t just about penetration- you also have to prime your partner in a way that they want to be made love to.

2.Masturbation is not Bad

Okay, this is kind of a sensitive topic, but hear me out on this one. We are led to believe that we shouldn’t masturbate anymore when we have sexual partners already, but that is just some bad advice.

You see, masturbation not only makes you feel good but it can also arouse a sense of longing for one another. In fact, I encourage you to masturbate in front of your partner so that things will escalate from there. Also, masturbation is safe and it is highly regarded as a key component to making the sex as hot as it can be.

3.Do It Nicely

When you’re about to have sex with your partner, don’t go in with the mindset that you’re doing this out of routine or if you think that it is a chore because that instantly kills the mood and the attraction.

Do it nicely by doing it slowly and deliberately at first and then ramping up the speed whenever things start to escalate.

Remember, sex is all about feelings, emotions, and enjoyment, so the better you are at lovemaking, then the better the sex is going to be.

4.Do Not Force Things

Now, we have this common notion that people should reciprocate everything we do. This also seems to be the notion of so many people in that they want their partners to do the same what they do to them especially if it involving them to last longer in bed.

But, doing this not only kills attraction instantly, but women do not want scripted sex. What I mean to say is that women do not want to be forced into having sex.

So, what do you do when you are horny? Well, you can start creating the right mood by engaging in and having some foreplay or perhaps you can masturbate in front of your partner to arouse their sexual desires.