How Do You Keep Your Home Poker Game Legal and Safe?

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How Do You Keep Your Home Poker Game Legal and Safe?

Home Poker Game

Playing a casual game of poker at home is considered to be generally safe. But, it is still surprising that a lot of people actually make their home games “illegal” and they run the risk of the police showing up or even robbers wanting to join in and steal what they have.

If you are looking to just have a fun time to play poker games at home with your friends and family at the 918kiss download, then continue reading this article as I will provide you with some really helpful tips.

1. Absolutely No Money Should Be Involved

How Do You Keep Your Home Poker Game Legal and Safe?

If money is involved in a home poker game, this should raise red flags. Before actually playing the game, you have to be familiar with your state’s laws regarding the use of money in such games, even though it will be played at your house.

There is some good news though as a 2012 ruling by a federal judge seems to favor this kind of practice so long as it doesn’t disturb the neighbors or turn into something violent. But, we still have to wait until it is completely legal first before playing.

It is probably safe to wager, but if players are required to pay an initial fee first before playing, then you might have a run in with the law.

2. Keep the Stakes Relatively Small

If there is money involved, make sure that the stakes are small. The authorities are not concerned with anything if the stakes aren’t that high.

In addition, keeping the stakes relatively small will result in a much more fun game without the hurt feelings.

3. Always Cut the Cards

Although this is not a protection mechanism against the authorities, this is a way to protect the players in the game from any cheating practices.

Cutting the cards will ensure that every card in the game will remain random. There might be instances where players might have glanced what is at the bottom of the deck, so cutting the cards will just make sure that there is always that element of randomness still available.

4. Play in a Safe Neighborhood

I think this should come as no surprise and yet there are still some people who do not take all the precautions. You have to play in a safe neighborhood- complete with some cop presence or even a neighborhood watch.

Another reason why you would want to play a legal game of poker at home is that when something goes wrong, you can safely call the cops.

5. Always Play with Chips, Not Cash

How Do You Keep Your Home Poker Game Legal and Safe?

There is a reason why casinos use chips instead of cash. Consider it as a means of protecting the players and here’s why: suppose that you are playing a casual game of poker and some people from the outside can see the play. If you use real money, there is a chance that they will get tempted to steal or rob you.

Using the chips not only provide the experience of playing the real thing, but it also acts as a means to conceal the stakes that are being played.