How to Stop People-Pleasing

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How to Stop People-Pleasing

You may have heard that people admire you since they realize you’ll go to any length to make people happy. It’s wonderful to hear, however, there is a downside: you’ve recently accepted every request made of you, even though you don’t want to. For example, participating in gambling via a casino Malaysia online even though you hate it. Perhaps every time you want to say no, you feel bad. Whatever the situation may be, being a people-pleaser has the potential to deplete you emotionally, stress you out, and burn you out. It’s not easy to put an end to people-pleasing conduct. According to studies, it’s difficult to disagree with people because it increases cognitive dissonance or a misalignment between your ideals and the behaviours you wish to take. Here are a few suggestions that might be useful:


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  • Define your boundaries

It’s critical to understand your boundaries, set clear boundaries, and then express those boundaries. Make sure you’re clear about what you’re prepared to take on. When someone looks to be requesting too much, tell them that it’s above your capabilities and also that you won’t be able to assist them. Other techniques to set boundaries in your life to help control your people-pleasing inclinations include: You may, for instance, only respond to phone calls at specific times to limit how much you can chat. You might also say that you are only reachable for a certain amount of time.


  • Be aware of yourself

The most significant improvements occur when we face ourselves with curiosity and compassion rather than denial and judgement. We have the potential to grow from our feelings and thoughts when we bring them into awareness, rather than reflexively reacting to them, thus we expand our understanding of reality whilst willing to confront our inner truths. When you do this, you’ll be able to control your need to please others and recognise when you’re not being helpful. It will give you the option of making several moves.


  • Postpone your response

Although it is critical to say no, sometimes it can be tough. You can postpone your answer if you have problems saying no to something you would rather not do. You may say something along the lines of, “Allow me to examine my schedule, then I’ll get back to you later.” Delaying your reaction provides you additional time to consider your options. You can then decide whether or not the request seems to be something you truly want to perform and whether or not it is worth the effort. You can inhibit your immediate yes reaction by prolonging your answer until you’ve had time to reflect on what you are agreeing to.


  • Never give excuses

A lack of confidence is one of the most common reasons people become trapped in a people-pleasing circle. It’s no mystery that women frequently apologise excessively to avoid awkward situations. While we don’t recommend being impolite, being overly courteous will keep you stuck in a rut. Don’t be hesitant to explain why you’re stating no, but keep it brief and avoid apologising. Acting firm while remaining courteous communicates to people that you are certain of your decision. You have no idea how powerful you are, and you may discover that they will less likely to try to convince you.