Is SEO Really Dead in 2018?

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Is SEO Really Dead in 2018?

What is the purpose of you creating a website?

Is it to post information about certain niche topics? Is it to become a platform where you can best serve your customers online? Or is it for e-commerce purposes to increase your revenue channels?

Regardless of what the reason may be, people do either two things: they either use digital marketing or search engine optimization to promote their website in the hopes of getting more people to look at their platform over the other websites that are available.

There are just some inherent problems concerning the two fields. When it comes to digital marketing today, it is more of a money-sink more than anything else. The conventional methods that most agencies are using are not as effective as they were before and such agencies also charge a lot of money for it. A lot of money=mediocre results= lower revenue.

On the other end, search engine optimization has been hailed as the standard when it comes to website promotion. And that is actually true, up until today. We usually hear a lot of buzzwords about it such as “backlinks hold the key”, “content is important”, and so on. However, because search engine algorithms change over time, some of the things that have worked before may not work today.

So the question now is, if digital marketing is just a waste of money and SEO is not as effective as it was before, is SEO really dead in 2018? Will SEO marketing be a thing of the past? Read on to find out the answer.

The Backstory

Is SEO Really Dead in 2018?

Back in the 90s up to the early years of the new millennium, the internet is optimized in a way that any website can get high volumes of traffic. However, that has changed since the arrival of Google.

Because Google changed the way things on the internet worked with the introduction of a highly efficient search engine, that dream of having lots of traffic by default is gone and people would have to resort to means that require them to implement certain techniques for their websites to be seen.

Fast forward to today, almost all of the websites that you see using the various search engines available use some form of SEO. The thing about that is if every website that you find on the internet uses such, how can search engines really differentiate one from the other?

Certainly, the bigger companies who have the budget to have a dedicated SEO team would be there to enhance their website. However, how about those who do not have the luxury to do so? Their pages will still be seen, albeit in the later pages.

In 2012, with the advent of machine learning and some changes to the algorithm, conventional SEO techniques do not work anymore. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the individual site owners.

So the answer to the question, “Is SEO really dead?” Well, not entirely. You can still implement SEO techniques and, technically, they still work. However, they do not have the power they once had before so do not expect too much from it, from today onwards.