Setting the Right Match Type for Paid Ad Keywords

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Setting the Right Match Type for Paid Ad Keywords

If you really want to give your business the strong online presence it deserves, you need to choose the correct match type for your paid ad keywords. Your strategy’s success relies heavily on this. Make sure to do your own research about keyword match types before jumping into it. Or, if you want, you can also hire a professional seo company expert to do it for you.

How can you create and identify keyword types for all of your paid ad initiatives?

Here is a quick guide.

1.Broad Modified Keywords.

Remember that all keywords indicated by this sign “+” should be included in all search queries. Nevertheless, configuration and order can change.

2.Broad Match Keywords.

This is the default match type for almost all platforms. Paid ads are shown if the search queries include any phrase, word of the broad match term.

3.Negative Keywords.

These are phrases or words that can be utilized to efficiently block an ad from showing up in specific search queries. If you want to avoid wasting ad spend on some search queries that fail to align with your genuine buyers, then negative keywords can be very helpful.

4.Phrase Match Keywords.

These types of ads are shown when a particular user types in a search query that exactly matches with a quoted phrase in the ad. These ad phrases can come with more words after or before the phrase itself.

5.Exact Keywords.

This gives you the control in paid ad types. Through this setup, ads can only be displayed when users type in the exact phrase, in its exact order.