Signals that You are with a Bad Person

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Signals that You are with a Bad Person

There are really times when we think that we are just fine, and our circle of friends are okay. But then again, it is not easy to know if there is a thorn among your friends and it is best to know beforehand, so you won’t be infected. 

Yes, it is a must indeed that the person you constantly going out with is not bad. So, how can you be sure of that? Here are some tips:

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  • You notice that he enjoys the fact that others are suffering. It seems that he thinks it is just right for them and that they deserve it. If you are with this kind of person, even if you are dating him, you should try to think things over. Of course, you can also try to reason out with him so he will change his perspective, especially if you are already too close to him. 
  • He is the one who is always in control. He dictates all your dates and sometimes, he even dictates how you wear your dress. At the same time, he also has a say when it comes to your friends as well as to your way of getting along with other guys. For sure if your guy is like this, you feel like suffocating. 
  • You have caught him lying sometimes already. And the thing is, he did not even flinch when that happens like he thinks it is not a big deal at all. It means he might continue doing so without feeling any guilt. 
  • You start feeling uneasy when he is around like sometimes, you even wonder why you are still accommodating him. You feel like you are about to break any minute and you certainly need a breath of fresh air. 
  • Sometimes, you feel like your partner is not even thinking about you. He just does things without thinking if it hurts you or you feel somehow insulted. He simply is not thinking about others. You can say that such type of person is quite selfish and only thinks about himself. 
  • Even if you tell him about this or that, they automatically deny it like you wish you recorded all his talks and actions. It seems that after he is doing annoying things, he right away forget about them and even believes that he really can’t remember at all. 

If you are in a relationship with such a type of person, you should think twice. Yes, you might love him, but maybe he needs counselling because men’s health is also important. You see, there is always hope for every person and for sure, if he will just realize it, he will change. 

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