Top 10 Music App

Top 10 Music App

Top 10 Music Downloader/Apps

Hey, we all need some music in our lives, it’s either to deal day-to-day stress, heartbreaks, or to boost yourself for coming exams, job interviews etc. But finding the right sites or music mobile apps to listen or download the latest songs can quite troublesome as for some sites might have malware and other malicious that could harm your computer. There are quite a few free music by android mobile developer.

So we are here to help you download/listen to your favourite artists on the right and safe sites. We have listed down top 10 music downloader/apps

Top 10 Music Downloader/Apps:


The most popular and trending music app. With Spotify, you’ll have access to the latest songs. You can choose to listen the whole album or just one song or create a playlist of your own. You can play your playlist, albums, singles and shuffle songs with Spotify’s freemium. Whereas the premium lets you play any songs, even on mobile, download songs, no more ads and unlimited skips. The musics you downloaded to listen offline will be in high quality audio for your listening experience.


Smule is taking the social music world by storm. An innovative music app, changing the landscape for music listening experience. On Smule, users are encourage to connect, communicate and engage with each other with music at it’s root. You can collaborate and be creative in expressing your music or you can just listen to all the creative music other users produced. It is very simple to use Smule, just download the app, fill in your profile and browse for your song, listen or sing.


Deezer music app been around for a while. The app free version lets you access Deezer’s FLOW feature which allows you to discover and listen to new songs and mixes based your taste. Create a personalized playlist of yours; songs and new mixes from new artists. If you opt to premium service, you will access to higher audio quality and offline listening ability. Though the app still somewhat…..unstable (is that the right word?)


SoundCloud is almost like any other music apps where you listen to beautiful and melodious audios and musics for free. With SoundCloud you get to listen not only to famous artistes but also from other talented singers singing covers in their own unique ways and pleasing to the ears. If you see and found your favourite tracks but do not have the time to listen to it, just need to like the tracks as favourite and it will be added to your list. You can pause, skip or change track from your device’s lock screen. Connect with your friends or connect with new ones by just liking the tracks they listen and following them. The best SoundCloud’s feature is that you can record an audio of yourself singing and upload it to SoundCloud (hey you might just get famous and scouted by a recording company).

Google Play Music

Google Play Music helps look, discover, play and share your favourite music from Android and the web. You can play and listen to million of songs on it at anywhere and anytime. Play the songs on the radio to your heart’s content, there’s no limit to it. This app lets you stored up to 50,000 songs, If you subscribed to this app, you will be allowed to podcast. Google Play Music has smart recommendation feature. It will make recommendations based on the music types you listened to previously. With Google Play Music, all your music is stored online, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.


A well known app among music lovers. This a radio app allows you listen to variety of radio stations. Not only that, there are seasonal radio station, live podcasts, comedy show and talks you can listen to. It even support AM and FM stations, where you can listen to sports and news. This application is versatile and modern, it also comes with Material Design UI along with Chromecast and Android Auto Support.

Jango Radio

The wild card among free music apps. Offering variety of music genres both from indie artists and mainstream artists. What’s different with Jango Radio is that independent artists pay to play, meaning you might listening a song to an artist had paid for it to be heard. The revenue from this what’s keeping Jango Radio stays free for everyone.

Pandora Radio

It’s interface simplicity and the cross-platform feature really makes it widely known. You virtually can listen to Pandora Radio via whatever platform available and syncing all of them. The selection in their content library has grown over years, offering more genres for listeners to listen to.

This site may seem a tad bit suspicious (okay, it’s pretty suspicious) but it isn’t and it’s pretty safe. Just type in name of a song or an artist in the search bar, the site will load up the nearest or matching results. This site lets you listen to the song and evaluate its audio quality. Once you’ve find the song you want and has high quality, you just need to click the download button.

MP3 Downloader

With this Android app you can search, listen and download songs from your favourite artists labeled as “licensed free to use”. You can download the songs and they’ll be stored in your SD card for offline listening. This app “Listen” tab where you can listen to the songs you’ve downloaded via the app or other songs records you have. This app can function as Music Player for your phone, not just a downloader. Some people might not have enough space in their phone, but with this app the downloaded songs will stored in SD card and can be play from there via the app built in music player.