Why Is Having A Movable Wall Better Than A Concrete Wall?

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Why Is Having A Movable Wall Better Than A Concrete Wall?

Being a kid, have you ever wondered why schools have walls that can be lifted up or folded? If yes, me too! Don’t you think that is amazing because whenever we have events or occasions in school, the teachers and staff will not have to rent a hall or even a ballroom just for a one day event. The partitions can easily be lifted up and you’re good to go. It can be used as examination hall, event space and also for any kind formal ceremony because the space just has to be decorated the way you wanted it to be.

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Nowadays, people focus more on budget friendly space and buildings because who would want to cost themselves a lot of money booking and renting halls if you can just buy one building and do everything with just one space? And this is the time where movable partitions or walls will come to the rescue and help you with what you need.

There are two types of movable partition, the first one is the permanent partition or is usually called as movable walls and the second one is temporary movable partition. Of these two types of movable partition, there are few advantages of using them instead of concrete walls.

#1 Make a space larger

For the permanent movable partition, the customer will usually go for the glass type and it is most likely to be used in a medium sized building. This is to make it look larger than it actually is. The permanent movable partition is commonly made as sliding doors or it can even be made as the walls and doors of a small area to provide privacy.

#2 Cost and time – effective

As for the temporary movable partition, it is usually used at a big open space in a building especially if the building is going to be used as an office. In case you decided to change the layout of your rooms or office, it is more convenient to retract a movable wall rather than having to break down a concrete wall. For buildings that are used as offices, breaking down concrete walls will make it hard for both the employers and employees to move out their work-related stuff and it will actually cost a lot of money and time.

# Various material and colour

Movable partition also offers different types of material for the finishing partition or walls such as glass, fabric, melamine and laminates. It can be picked depending on how the customer wants the end product to be. For the fabric and laminate choice, the customer can choose from a wide range of colours and for the glass type, different opacity can be chosen and choose melamine for natural wood colours.

We have a lot of movable partition manufacturers in Malaysia that should be taken into consideration because making comparisons in terms of price and quality among those manufacturers is what we always want to do as a customer. It will take quite some time to do research but it eventually will save you from spending a lot of money for a product that has no quality.