Wonderful Time home fibre Malaysia As Per Your Choices

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Wonderful Time home fibre Malaysia As Per Your Choices

At the start of 2021, millions of households did not yet benefit from such a quality of service. In any case not in ADSL, but alternatives in 4G or in satellite are in theory available everywhere to "guarantee " this good speed of at least 8 Mb / s. The Time home fibre Malaysia is however the best service.


Moreover, even if these 8 Mb / s are there, it quickly turns out to be insufficient when several users want to take advantage of these uses within the same home. By the end of 2022, a new level must be crossed with Very High Speed ​​(THD) for all, that is to say the possibility, for each household, of benefiting from at least 30 Mb / s. second milestone more in line with current uses while waiting for fibre for all, scheduled for the end of 2025, with the key to hundreds of Mb / s.

To find out what Internet connection speed you should have at home, be sure to consult our Internet speed map:


  • Map to find out the internet speed at home


What flows for what uses?

Beyond these official and somewhat arbitrary thresholds, the real answer to the question of good flow depends on your uses . For a person who only uses the Internet sparingly, who watches TNT TV, these 8 Mb / s will be sufficient. But many homes will need more speed to satisfy all users, knowing that today there are 8 screens on average … Not to mention the outbreak of the health crisis. Teleworking and distance learning have thus been added to a set of uses connected to the home for which a speed of 8 Mb /s is borderline uncomfortable.


To be convinced of this, it suffices to look at the minimum flow rates for a certain number of uses:


Speed ​​for watching Internet TV: 2 Mb / s in low quality, 5 to 6 Mb / s in high quality (HD). Find out more Speed ​​for watching Netflix: 3 Mb / s in standard definition (SD), 5 Mb / s in HD. And for Disney +, it's the same. Learn more about bitrate for Netflix and bitrate for Disney.


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